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On 16 to 23 November 2017 at the National Historical Museum, will be held the 2nd edition of MEMORY DAYS activity, with the known motto "Memory as a Mission". The aim of this project is stimulating public dialogue in dealing with Albania's dictatorial past. Our motivation to continue working on this subject is reinforced by the findings of an OSCE survey published at the end of 2016, according to which a large part of the Albanian society have a positive perception about the communist regime and the political leaders of that time. Organization of MEMORY DAYS comes again as a project of the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture (IDMC) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).

Among the various activities to take place this year is:


  1. The international conference "Between Apathy and Nostalgia: Public and Private Recollections of Communism in Contemporary Albania", 17‒18 November. Full program is available here:
  2. A study trip to sites of memory, 19 November
  3. "Law and Justice" symposium, 20 November
  4. Presentation of research works on the dictatorship, 21 November
  5. Public reading of "Musine Kokalari file", 21 November
  6. Youth Forum on Oral History, 22 November
  7. Awarding of the "Ask Your Grandparents 2" competition winners, 23 November
  8. "Propaganda During the Dictatorship" exhibition will be open during Memory Days


As in the previous year, the organizers are offering a possibility to actors working in the field of memory to present their projects on 22 November.

For everyone interested in becoming part of this activity, please send us your suggestions for the publications you would like to present, as well as other projects.

Working with young people and increasing awareness of the society on the consequences of the dictatorship has been and remains a priority for IDMC, therefore these projects will receive particular support.


You can send your ideas and concrete suggestions at or by phone +355 69 268 7226 until 20 August.







Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture is a non-profit organization that uses an interdisciplinary approach to study and promote the development of democratic values, culture and media in Albania. The Institute aims to promote dignity and human rights as key elements of Europe and European Union's (EU) democratic values, and raise awareness amongst young people about the history of the EU and the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, including the dictatorship in Albania, through:

  • educational training, school curriculum, and creative projects in multimedia, film, awareness events
  • publication (in print and online) and translation of books and materials that enable scientific and cultural exchange, European and international one.
  • scientific research surveys of public opinion about media and peace


Konrad Adenauer Foundation is a political foundation which stands near the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. Konrad Adenauer (1876‒1967), as co-founder of the Christian Democratic Union and the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, brought together Christian, social and conservative traditions with liberal traditions. His name is a symbol for the democratic reconstruction of Germany, to deploy its foreign policy in a transatlantic community of values, the vision of a united Europe and orientation towards the social market economy. His spiritual heritage is our duty and commitment at the same time.




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