29‒30 september 2016

Tirana Reads 2016

















Tirana Reads 2016 came as a reading marathon for the second time in the frame of TILF (Tirana Literature Festival), organized by IDMC (Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture) with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The event started on September 29th, with Literature as a Place of Memory preceding readings with journalists and writers on September 30th, the World Translation Day.

Tirana Reads 2016 gathered in members of the cultural scene fond of books, writers and prominent Albanian translators reading from their favorite books and sharing their approach to the writing process. To make it more accessible to a wider audience, the readings were held in public areas such as: "Zenit Gallery", "Tirana Youth Centre", "Friend's book house", "Hemingway", "E për7shme" and the "National Library".

The mayor of Tirana was the first to open the marathon with a reading of the book "Chronicle in Stone" by Ismail Kadare. Arta Marku chose to read a part from "The Fires of Autumn" by Irene Nemirovsky. Ben Andoni selected a translation from well-known Greek author Niko Kazanzaqi. Alda Bardhyli read from "Definition of Marie Gjoni's love", and Alfred Lela selected Spanish poems translated by Aurel Plasari.

During the two days, other guests and young people read parts from all different kinds of writings. In the frame of Literature as a Place of Memory, the department of Literature of the University of Tirana organized the meeting "Reading Kasem Trebeshina", with participation of Anila Mullahi and moderation of Lili Sula. "Literature as a Place of Memory" included discussions and reading facts about the period of Communism. Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro also took part in the meeting.

In the second day, journalists Beti Njuma and Agim Baçi moderated a discussion on digital books with guests such as the creator of VolumiAudioLibra.com, Violeta Volumi, and the administrator of buknist.al, Albert Gjoka. Furthermore, Tirana Reads 2016 dedicated a few hours to the International Day of Translation with a discussion by Diana Kastrati and Edmond Tupja. Two famous moderators of Top Channel TV, Eno Popi and Isli Islami, also joined the readings. Publishing house "Saras" presented the latest book by Mustafa Nano. In front of young people, Mr Nano read a piece from the book and discoursed about his old relationship with literature and writing.


IDMC would like to thank everyone who took part in this activity, in particular: Mirela Kumbaro, Erion Veliaj, Alfred Lela, Arta Marku, Alda Bardhyli, Ben Andoni, Ylljet Aliçka, Vera Bekteshi, Krenar Zejno, Beti Njuma, Agim Baçi, Blendi Salaj, Violeta Volumi, Albert Gjoka, Mustafa Nano, Eno Popi, Isli Islami, Edmond Tupe, Diana Kastrati, Redjan Mulla, Eljan Tanini, Elona Çuliq, Lisiana Demiraj, Arti Lushi, and Gerhard Pregapuca.



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