Albania in the 1990s – Research Topics
Jan Jansen' Newspaper Collection

Tirana, 19 November 2019 — "Albania in the 1990s" event was organized by the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture in collaboration with the Embassy of The Netherlands in Albania and the Faculty of History-Philology.

There were presented the research of a group of students, based on "Jan Jansen' Newspaper Collection" fund, focused on topics such as:

  • "The impact of media in accelerating and preventing the phenomenon of pyramid schemes", presented by the student Ina Kila
  • "The collapse of the dictator's bust" by Jenida Vladi
  • "Political debate on communist past in the media of that time" presented by Jonilda Xhyliu
  • "The importance of newspaper's digitalization and free access" by Erblin Vukaj

The research results were welcomed by the participants: students, representative of institutions and other participants interested in this topic. There were raised different questions and discussions which opened new doors for future research on this topics.

Mr. Guusje Korthals Altes, the ambassador of The Netherlands embassy in Albania expressed her support and encouraged all students for finalizing with success their duty as students of journalism and communication.

On the other side, the executive director of IDMC, Dr. Jonila Godole emphasized the importance of education and  awareness of youth over the past.

IDMC is thankful to all the participants on the activity.

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