Albanian Observatory on Memories

The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture has launched its newest project, the Albanian Observatory on Memories (, an online platform that aims to keep alive the collective memory of Albanians and recall in them the tragic history of communism, in order for the past not to be repeated.

The Observatory on Memories publishes contents of various kinds related especially with the collective memory of the communist dictatorship period. This online platform collects and publishes what has been reported in the main traditional media and online media, as well as other content provided from different institutions and individuals that disclose important evidence from the past.

To enable dialogue and discussions about the past, the Observatory is also equipped with blogging and commenting features and many options for sharing and reposting.

The Observatory on Memories' content includes materials in text, video, photos, audio, graphics, animation, data visualization, digital maps etc. The Observatory applies a thematic categorization and a chronological categorization of the content, to facilitate the users' navigation and searches.

This platform urges all readers to contribute in the enriching of content with evidence, facts, memories, stories, photographs, video etc., in order to better understand the truth about the past. IDMC hopes for a fruitful cooperation with all of you, the other readers, as well as the classical or newer media for the circulation and gathering of information.

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