• terms of participation

    • This competition is open to: High school students aged 15 to 19 (for individual or group work)
    • Competition categories:
    • Individual work on Essay;
    • Individual or work group on Multimedia (video and/or audio submissions up to 4 min), and
    • Visual Arts
    • Competition announcement: 1 September 2018
    • Closing date: 15 October 2018
  • Criteria

    • Entries may be submitted in English or Albanian language.
    • Each participant may submit only one entry.
    • Each entry must clearly relate to the subject matter of the competition.
    • Only original work not presented in similar activities will be accepted.
    • Essay or literary works should not exceed 1,000 words.
    • Audio, video etc. entries cannot exceed 4 minutes in length; longer submissions will not be eligible.
    • Artistic entries, posters or photographs should be no larger than A1 size.
    • Entries that promote ethnic, gender or sexual discrimination will not be eligible.
    • There is no participation fee.


    Winners of "Ask Your Grandparents 2" are not allowed to participate in the 'multimedia' category.

  • copyright and permission to reuse

    • Permission to publish or broadcast must be obtained from anyone who appears on a video or picture.
    • Submissions must be original works.
    • Any plagiarisms will result in instant disqualification.
    • All rights remain with the authors, but by entering into this competition, the winners of the competition transfer unlimited use for translation, publication, exhibition and broadcast to the organizers.
    • Under the aforementioned rights, the winners agree that they will not be entitled to other fee or form of compensation other than the prize.
  • submission of entries

    The deadline to submit your application is 15 October 2018.


    The following documents should be submitted by email to konkursi@idmc.al:

    • Application form where you agree with the terms of participation, propose the title of your entry (1 sentence) and provide a brief abstract (max. 1,200 characters, including spaces) on your project idea
    • Final work


    delivery address:


    • Essay via email to konkursi@idmc.al
    • Multimedia entry via WeTransfer to konkursi@idmc.al
    • Visual arts submissions to the IDMC office – Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture



    Rr. Bardhok Biba, "Trema" Bldg.

    Entrance A, 11th Floor, Ap. 36, Tirana


    Participants will receive a confirmation by e-mail at each selection stage.

  • jury and evaluation

    The competition will announce 4 prizes:

    (3 prizes for each category: essay, multimedia, visual arts and 1 audience prize)


    All entries will be evaluated by an independent jury composed of public figures and experts, based on the following criteria:

    • Innovatory presentation
    • Unambiguous
    • Creative and original
    • Engaging audience
    • A clear and powerful message
    • Authentic
    • Making a motion picture narrative using innovative forms (social media etc.) and standard devices (smartphones, amateur camcorders etc.) in less than 4 minutes


    The winners will be announced on 30 October 2018 during one of the MEMORY DAYS events in Tirana and will receive their prizes from renowned personalities in the fields of media, civil society, politics and culture.

Competition ORGANISER


Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture








"Konrad Adenauer" Foundation

Albanian History Educators Association

Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth

In keeping with the tradition, this year's third edition of the"ASK YOUR GRANDPARENTS" competition invites young people aged 15–19 to reflect individually or as a team on Albania's past (1944–1997).

IDMC encourages high school students to explore their creative side by telling the stories they know or learn as they delve into Albania's communist regime and its early years after the transition. Students can share stories from family history, their parents or grandparents' memories, stories from acquaintances regarding their experience or reflect on stories previously heard and read.

Students and competitive teams can compete in any of the following genres:

  • Essay
  • Visual arts
  • Multimedia

Under the main theme of #Tell1Story, the students are invited to research, rely on the historical records in the archives and ask as many people as possible what their experience has been.













Your entry may cover stories from:

  • Events experienced by your family members
  • Events that occurred in your city
  • Concerning an object you have at home
  • Escaping across borders
  • Cases of political persecution/oppression/executions by firing squad
  • Arts, literature and music
  • Education
  • Daily life under dictatorship
  • Sports, games
  • Love stories

The "ASK YOUR GRANDPARENTS" competition aims to raise awareness among young people and Albanian society about the importance of getting to know their country's past, because no future is safe when the past is forgotten.















This if the fourth national competition organized by IDMC after "Born in the '90s – Explore the Past, Create the Future" (2015), "Ask Your Grandparents 1" (2016) and "Ask Your Grandparents 2" (2017).

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