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On 16 to 23 November 2017 at the National Historical Museum took place the 2nd edition of MEMORY DAYS, with the known motto "Memory as a Mission". The aim of the project was to stimulate public dialogue in dealing with Albania's dictatorial past. Our motivation to continue working on this subject is reinforced by the findings of an OSCE survey published at the end of 2016, which stated that a large part of the Albanian society had a positive perception about the communist regime and the political leaders of that time. MEMORY DAYS was organized by the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture (IDMC) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).

Among the various activities that took place this year:


  1. The international conference "Between Apathy and Nostalgia: Public and Private Recollections of Communism in Contemporary Albania", 17‒18 November
  2. A study trip to sites of memory, 19 November
  3. "Law and Justice" symposium, 20 November
  4. Presentation of research works on the dictatorship, 21 November
  5. Public reading of "Musine Kokalari file", 21 November
  6. Youth Forum on Oral History, 22 November
  7. Awarding of the "Ask Your Grandparents 2" competition winners, 23 November
  8. "Propaganda During the Dictatorship" exhibition was open during Memory Days


Information about "Memory Days" activities:

Agenda (590 KB)

Salutatory address by Prof. Sami Repishti

16 NOV.








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