Between Apathy and Nostalgia: Public and Private Recollections of Communism in Contemporary Albania


Year: 2019

Editors: Jonila Godole, Idrit Idrizi

"Between Apathy and Nostalgia" is a publication of papers presented in the international conference "Between Apathy and Nostalgia: Public and Private Recollections of Communism in Contemporary Albania" organized by IDMC in Tirana on 17–18 November 2017, on framework of the second edition of MEMORY DAYS. This volume is a contribution to the field of memory and aims to serve as an impulse for increasing the interest of the Albanian scholarship and Albanian society in researching and discussing the memory of the past under dictatorship. Its aim is not to exhaustively elaborate a specific issue, but to present the wide range of (often fairly specific) research topics and of current approaches in this notably wide field.

(Non-)Rehabilitation of Former Victims of Political Persecution: Process of Transitional Justice (1991–2018)


Year: 2019

Author: Erblin Vukaj | Editor: Jonila Godole

This study offers a summary and an analysis of the most important developments in Albania which affected the process of dealing with the dictatorship crimes and rehabilitation of former political persecuted who suffered unjustly under the communist system. The publication aims at informing and civic awareness that the prolongation of this process influenced not only the lives of former-persecuted but also the weakening of the democratic values of social and state structures thus extending the political transition from the totalitarian system to a similar democratic system with that of Western countries of the EU.

Manual On Oral History


Year: 2019

Editors: Jonila Godole, Kailey Rocker, Edlira Agolli

The "Oral History Manual" aims to encourage high school teachers, young learners and researchers to learn more about oral history and interviewing process. The manual presents the tools needed to include these interviews in research assignments and projects in secondary schools. To achieve these objectives, the material is organized in such a way that some chapters address the development of oral history and interviewing methods, from its beginnings to contemporary definition.

Communism through Archival Documents 2: Daily Life During Self-Isolation


Year: 2018

Editors: Idrit Idrizi, Jonila Godole, Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj

The second volume provides the documents that highlight the everyday life during communism in 1970–1980, through concrete examples that make easier the understanding of the time when they happened. Through these publications, IDMC aims to raise awareness of teachers and high school students about the content of communist-era archival material, given that the public opinion has little information about them in general. Professional publications of the documents are rare. In textbooks they are missing. Meanwhile, in the media these materials are published regularly, but the approach towards them is often very problematic, as the main criterion of selection is sensationalism.

Communism through Archival Documents: Repression in the Self-Isolation Period


Year: 2017

Editors: Idrit Idrizi, Jonila Godole, Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj

Based on the recommendations from a series of workshops organized by IDMC with history educators from all over Albania in 2017, in collaboration with historian Idrit Idrizi (Austria) and history expert Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj, "Communism through Archival Documents" contains fragments of archival material and comments that educators can use in the future.

The content selected for this volume highlights only the repression under the dictatorship starting from the second half of the 1970s through the first half of the 1980s. During this period, Albania's self-isolating politics reached a high point that had started since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1961.

Through this publication, IDMC aims at sensitizing educators and students on the content of archival documents from the former communist bloc, for which the public opinion in general has little information. Professional publications that cover these subjects are hard to find and are missing from the school textbooks. Although they are published in the media on a regular basis, the approach to archival research can be problematic and documents can often be selected mainly for sensational impact.

Media Transformation and Collective Memory in Albania


Year: 2015

Editors: Jonila Godole, Sonila Danaj

This book is a product of the First International Conference on Media and Memory "Covering the Communist Past – Media Transformation and Memory in Albania," held in Tirana on 9‒10 November 2015. Both the conference and the edited volume were conceived by the editors with the conviction that journalists and the media play a key role in the collective memory of a country through the way they report on different historical figures and events. Similarly to other communist countries, Albanian media and journalists during the dictatorship were part of the regime's propaganda apparatus. As one of the contributing authors, Peter Gross, puts it, their transformation in the early 1990s to independent and democratic media has not been easy. Twenty five years have passed since the fall of the Stalinist dictatorship in Albania, and it is time we examine the role Albanian media and journalists have played on the societal reflection on the country's past during this period.


Memory as a Mission


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