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Terminologu (terminologist) is not a linguistic approach, nor a conventional vocabulary. It is a multimedia project that aims reflection on the Communist past of the Albanian young people, born after the 90s, through language, terms, habits, and phenomena that were part of ideological indoctrination, but also a reflection of the reality of time. Because in a dictatorship, language becomes the most efficient instrument of exerting power, dividing society and isolating the opposition.

The selection of terms has not been made systematically but as a result of pedagogical work with young people in the field. They have chosen words and terms found in the media, in literature, in movies or in family conversations, but unclear to them in terms of meaning. The novelty of this project is the multimedia language of Terminologu, accompanied by graphic illustrations of high school and university students, and talented young people throughout the country. Each of them reflects artistically on a selected theme in independent way.

Through multimedia creativity, IDMC motivates young people to find new, attractive ways of learning history. But on the other hand, it also encourages the dialogue between generations: confrontation of young people with different perspectives of history transmitted by parents, grandparents, teachers, media etc. Short videos that graphically illustrate Terminologu will be accessible online and free of charge for young people wherever they are. At the same time, they can also help the teachers of history, literature, etc. during the classes that treat the dictatorship period to enable debate and society reflection on the past. Because "who does not learn from history is destined to repeat it" (G. Santayana).

The project is open to anyone who would like to enrich it with words and other terms, but also for talented young people who want to become part of this creative and educational initiative.


Below you will find all the videos prepared until now:
























IDMC would be very grateful if you shared the creative videos with young people in your social networks such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc., thus contributing to young people reflection on the dictatorship period in Albania.

The videos will be available here: http://www.observatorikujteses.al/video/terminologu-komunist/

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