Children of the Dictatorship
A documentary about remembrance

"Children of the Dictatorship" documentary is produced by the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture and directed by Besnik Bisha. It centers on four characters of various ages that were born and passed their childhood in prisons or internment camps: Simon Mirakaj, Alma Liço, Ritvana Mena dhe Lurian Mena.

They belong to different generations and bring to the Albanian and foreign audience an autobiographical approach to the system. This documentary, done in cooperation with the Directing branch of the University of Arts, aims to raise awareness about the consequences of the Communist past where even newborns were often punished according to the law of the time as "enemies of the people".

In 2017, it will be shown in educational institutions and public meetings with subtitles in Albanian and English.

All institutions interested in screening the documentary for remembrance-related events should contact IDMC at






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