New European Parliament Resolution
"On the Importance of a Common European Memory"

Tirana, 25 September 2019 — Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture (IDMC) welcomes the new European Parliament Resolution on the Importance of a Common European Memory, which was voted on 19 September 2019 with 535 votes in favor, 66 against and 52 abstentions.

There can be no reconciliation and peace without historical memory, so the European Parliament suggests deepening the work in education and raising awareness of the younger generation, revising school curricula through an analysis of the causes and consequences of dictatorial regimes,  honoring victims and above all, transparency in crimes committed against humanity by Nazi, fascist, communist and other dictatorial regimes. Unlike other resolutions, this year's resolution stresses the immediate importance of dealing with the crimes of Stalinist regimes and other dictatorships, since they have not been condemned as Nazi crimes through Nuremberg processes.

The impunity of the crimes of the communist regime continues to be a serious wound for the Albanian society even 27 years after the fall of the dictatorship because it has not established the dignity of the victims and the Albanian society has not yet made a substantial division from the Stalinist regime that was installed in Albania after November 29, 1944.

IDMC urges the Albanian Government to welcome and adopt this Resolution and, together with all stakeholders, politicians, associations of the former persecuted people, civil society, public and international institutions, to see effective ways and means of implementing it, so that Albanian society can build the future in a spirit of peace and reconciliation.

We also welcome the appreciation that this resolution and the European Parliament make in particular the commitment of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, where IDMC has been adhering for years, and recognizes the valuable contribution of the Platform to European historical memory.

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