Dr. Jonila Godole, Executive Director of IDMC, honored with Diploma of Gratitude

Shkoder, 25 June 2016 — Dr. Jonila Godole, Executive Director of Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture, has been awarded a Diploma of Gratitude for her work and contribution in "historical memory" by Shkodra-based Association of Former Political Persecutees in Albania. The Association made their decision on 30 May 2016 after attending a two-day IDMC event entitled Literature as Place of Memory on 19‒20 May at the Franciscan Church in Shkoder.

IDMC has organized several activities in Shkoder and in other Albanian cities focusing especially on civic education of the younger people and the issue of dealing with Albania's past dictatorship. As stated in the main motivation of the Diploma of Gratitude, IDMC and Dr. Godole in particular have contributed to acknowledging the crimes committed against the Albanian people during the communist period and raised awareness of the younger generation about the hard times of their country.

In her speech, Dr. Godole appealed to all participants to talk more with their family and to share their stories with the youngest. In this regard, IDMC recently launched the national competition Ask Your Grandparents, which is open for Albanian youth until 18 September 2016.

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