Memory Alive


For a society, memory is not only one of the fundamental pillars of today's, but it also lays the grounds for its future. The Memory Alive project aims to emulate memory by confronting the evidence we've received in original form and view it as a process that survives in each one of us.

How does one perceive today's Albanian post-dictatorial society, or its young people who were born after the '90s and still live there in 2015?

How can they, by means of media and multimedia communication, show the sort of awakening and awareness of this transformational reflective process both to readers and viewers?

Therefore, Memory Alive was designed as a series of workshops which work on the elements and processes we face in our daily cultural life, such as: photography (photographing), music (sounding), physical expressions/choreography, theatrical staging (adapting individual memory for the stage in view of the collective) and cinematic narrative (as a bearer of legitimate expressions that get passed on and stay in the daily life).

All of these topics will be discussed during the workshops on multimedia editing so as to create the conventions and the framework that conveys the process of experiences, causing the consumers of this communication not only to reflect but to motivationally take part in recreation through video, pictures and writing.

Pogradec, 16 May '15

Tirana, 8 May '15

Spac, 2 May '15

Spac, 29 April '15

Tirana 29 May '15

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