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Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture (IDMC) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) would like to inform you that the annual event MEMORY DAYS will be organized this year on 22–31 October 2018. The third edition of MEMORY DAYS, under the motto "Identity and Memory" will bring different activities aiming at raising the awareness of the Albanian society about the consequences of the dictatorship crimes and strengthening the dialogue about the past.


Among the various activities to take place this year:

  • Opening Ceremony of MEMORY DAYS and STASI Exhibition, 22 October
  • "Literature as a Place of Memory", 23 October
  • "Women and gender equality in the period 1912–1939", 24 October
  • Training for Museums and Sites of Memories' staff, 25 October
  • "Azizi" Movie Screening in Millennium Cinema, 25 October
  • Presentation of Research Works on the Dictatorship, 26 October
  • Public Reading of Files about Former Persecuted People, 26 October
  • Presentation by Young Researchers in the Field of Dealing with the Past, 29 October
  • Awards Ceremony: "Ask Your Grandparents 3",  30 October
  • Scientific Conference "Outcast from Power", 30–31 October

Information about "Memory Days" activities:

Agenda (890 KB)


Please consult the previous editions of MEMORY DAYS from 2016 and 2017.









Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture

Contact: @Matilda KarçanajProject Coordinator IDMC








Konrad Adeanuer Foundation (KAS)

Contact: @Klaudja Zerva, Projekt Coordinator KAS



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Albanian Association of History Teachers • BsTU

Authority on Access to Information on Former State Security Service

Institute for the Studies of Crimes and Consequences of Communism

Institute for Integration of Former Political Persecutees

Institute of History at the Academy of Albanological Studies

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