Memory Days 2018

22‒31 OCTOBER 2018, TIRANA

















IDMC in partnership with KAS would like to inform you that the annual event MEMORY DAYS will be organized this year on 22–31 October 2018. The third edition of MEMORY DAYS will bring different activities aiming at raising the awareness of the Albanian society about the consequences of the dictatorship crimes and strengthening the dialogue about the past.

MEMORY DAYS will be focused on specific topics in the field of remembrance through at least one activity on each day of the MEMORY DAYS such as: exhibitions, study visits in sites of memory, symposium and presentation of research works on the dictatorship and competition for young people etc.

Given the fact that we are in the first stages of organizing the activity, we invite all the actors and the institutions in the field to become part of this activity by presenting important related projects or by carrying out activities aiming at raising the awareness especially of young people for the Albanian harsh communist past. In order to fulfill the common duty of memory as a mission and to enrich the program of MEMORY DAYS 2018 activities, IDMC welcomes your suggestions and proposals at until 30 April 2018.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to MEMORY DAYS.


IDMC staff

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