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On 20–27 February 2019 the fourth edition of MEMORY DAYS will be organized, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the toppling of the statue of the dictator Enver Hoxha, on 20 February 1991, which symbolically marks the fall of the dictatorship in Albania, and to commemorate 22 intellectuals shot without trial on the pretext of the so-called "Soviet Bomb". MEMORY DAYS is a project that was initiated by the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture (IDMC), in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), in 2016. During MEMORY DAYS 2019, IDMC and KAS, in collaboration with other actors in the field of dealing with the past, such as the OSCE Presence in Albania, AIDSSH, ISKK, etc., will conduct different activities aimed at raising awareness in Albanian society about the consequences of the dictatorship's crimes, and at strengthening dialogue about the past.


The activities that will take place this year are:

  • Opening Ceremony of MEMORY DAYS, 20 February
  • Presentation of Research Work on the Dictatorship, 20 February
  • Discussion Forum: "Anti-Communism in Albania: History & Current Situation", 21 February
  • Symposium: "Current Academic Approaches to Communism", 22 February
  • Forum with Students: "Memory and Democracy", 22 February
  • Oral History in Classroom & Research Projects, 23 February
  • Conference: "Dealing with the Material Heritage of Communism", 25 February
  • "Who is the Hero?" Documentary Screening, 25 February
  • "Mall për me këndue" Documentary Screening, 26 February
  • "SIGURIMI & Sports", 27 February


Information about "Memory Days" activities:

Agenda (1.1 MB)


Please consult the previous editions of MEMORY DAYS from 2016, 2017, and 2018.



    Oral History in Classroom & Research Projects.


    Tirana – In collaboration with the Association of History Teachers in Albania (ALBNA), IDMC organized in fourth day of #memorydays a presentation of the "Manual on Oral History", an IDMC publication by by Jonila Godole, Kailey Rocker and Edlira Agolli. The Oral History Manual aims to encourage teachers, high-school students, young researchers to learn more about oral history and interviewing process. This activity was accompanied by examples of creative oral history conducted by high-school students as part of the "Ask Your Grandparents" competition.





















    "Postcards from the Past" Exhibition


    "Postcards from the past" exhibition is a project from IDMC aiming to portray in an ironic way different aspects of life in communism such as: the lack of freedom, difficult economic conditions, the cult of party leader, the restriction of free movement; the communist propaganda etc.

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