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Dear friends and colleagues,


The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture (IDMC) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) would like to inform you that the 5th edition of MEMORY DAYS will be organized on 13–20 February 2020, with a special focus on repression in totalitarian systems and features of Stalinism in Albania.

Albanian communism is considered to have been one of the most repressive systems in Eastern Europe and is often referred to as Stalinist. The theoretically informed and comparative examination of the repression system, its change over time, its national peculiarities as well as commonalities with repression in other communist countries is however still relatively in the early stages. Against this background, the "Memory Days 2020" aim to foster a deeper discussion of repression and Stalinism in communist Albania amongst Albanian and international experts, comparing these phenomena and practices with those in other communist countries. Among the international speakers will be the historian and the well-known scholar of Stalinism, Prof. Dr. Jörg Baberowski.

The activities during "Memory Days" aim at raising the awareness of the Albanian society about the consequences of the crimes of dictatorship and strengthening the dialogue about the past through debates, presentation of new publications on the dictatorship, exhibitions, international conferences, documentary screenings etc. We would like to express our gratitude for the collaboration on previous editions and to invite all the actors and the institutions in the field of memory to become part of fifth edition of "Memory Days". Priority will be given to the events aiming at raising awareness of young people on the Albanian communist past.

In order to professionally coordinate the progress of the activities and to make the selection of the project proposals within the "Memory Days 2020", a working group will be set up with representatives from the partner institutions, who will meet in September.

IDMC welcomes your suggestions and proposals at until 15th September 2019, for activities that you would like to include in our common program.


For more information please consult the previous editions of MEMORY DAYS from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 or email us at


Thank you in advance for your contribution!


IDMC staff


    In the context of the 5th edition of "MEMORY DAYS: VIOLENCE AND STALINIST REPRESSION", which will be held on 13–20 February 2020, the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture will organize on 14 February 2020 the international conference "The Situation of Teaching and Learning of History in Albania – Dealing with the Period of the Communist Regime, Innovation and Challenges" in cooperation with the Association of History Teachers in Albania.

    At the conference we will address ideas, practices not only of actors working in Albania, but also of those abroad; not only experiences in the treatment of Communist regimes in the curriculum by the countries of Southeast Europe, but also the experiences of the countries of Western Europe; we will bring together ideas of not only the historians or curriculum experts, but also the ideas and experiences of history teachers, their students, and specialists of education.

    The treatment of the historical period of the communist regime in Albania will take place especially in the following directions:


    • In history course programs
    • In history textbooks
    • In the process of teaching and learning in the classroom
    • In terms of students


    Please send the abstract not more than 300 words and a short academic CV at until 1 December 2019. The abstracts will be selected until 15 December 2019.

    We will send you soon more information with regard to the fifth edition of Memory Days, which will be held on 13–20 February 2020, including the preliminary program and info on our partners. All the information will also be available soon at For any question please email us at

    At this stage we would very much appreciate if you share the call with other actors and researches who can apply in this conference.

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