IDMC - Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Tirana, which inspires and supports projects with an interdisciplinary approach to study, understand and promote the development of democratic values, the role and impact that media and culture can play both locally and abroad. It aims to extend its activities to three important fields: democracy, media and culture.

IDMC will endeavor to accomplish its mission through civic involvement programs, principally among the young generation, for it is our belief that the young people deserve more room and guidance to be active participants in the processes of policy-making.






The process of democratization in young democracies such as Albania's would be incomplete without the inclusion and encouragement of debate and scientific research on political actors and various social groups.

IDMC aims to promote democratic values by acting as a think tank, encouraging public opinion polls on different aspects of policy-making both at national and international level, and supporting in addition to stimulating the interest of the young generation to new forms of political representation, by using technology, the new media (fluid democracy) in service of reinforcing the democracy of the XXIst century.


Media and technology


IDMC considers the media a key stakeholder in the process of democratization. It therefore supports the projects that stress on debates about the democratic and social role the journalists and the media play in this era of new technologies. These days, the use of communication technologies should be regarded as an integral component of a country's democratic development.

Media monitoring and support is achieved with the help of development projects for local media and other peripheral cultural centers. An empirical scan of the present-day Albanian media and journalism is made possible through analysis of the communication process: procedures, norms that relate to transparency and accountability, the right to information etc. on the one hand, and provision of counseling, services and expertise in the fields of media development and democracy in collaboration with specialized institutions, economic and professional operators, and public agencies, on the other hand.


Culture & cultural memories


IDMC aims to support art, culture and cultural exchanges in all fields by nurturing cultural diversity and tolerance, standing as a meeting point between various cultures at national and cross-border level.

Fulfillment of these objectives is achieved through emphasis given to the organization of cultural activities, festivals, workshops that foster and spur interethnic, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, gender equality and the human rights. Moreover, IDMC encourages youth activities that evidence the culture of an entire generation by way of new media (digital culture), film, art, music and social projects.

In IDMC's vision, culture also plays a basic role in political debates regarding the reinforcement of democracy, specifically how a culture can directly transport the memory of a people. Taking Albania as an example, where the reflection on its totalitarian past was not given the attention it deserved these 25 years, the mission of IDMC is to encourage the young generation through awareness-raising activities to reflect both on their past and the future (individual and collective cultural memory), and on themselves and the others (neighbors, outsiders) as well.

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