11–12 FEBRUARY 2017

Nostalgia about Communism






On 11–12 February 2017, IDMC in collaboration with Site of Witness and Memory organized in Shkodra the workshop entitled "Nostalgia about communism".

First day, led by Dr. Idrit Idrizi, started with the discussion of the article about the nostalgia and its typologies, "Mediated Post-Soviet Nostalgia" by Ekaterina Kalinina (2014) and the introduction "Nostalgia, Culture and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe" by Roberts & Louyest (2015), articles sent to young people in advance. Later on separated in groups participants gave their idea about the issue of nostalgia about the communism. Using a comparative approach about perception of people in Albania and different countries of former communist camp, they pointed out the reasons that affect creation of the collective nostalgia related to dictatorship period.

Bringing on examples from the everyday life and stories heard from people who lived that time, the participants expressed their interest firstly in gaining more information about this topic and secondly the interest for those to be developed more. The first day concluded with various discussions about this topic increasing the interest and willingness to undertake researches which will give this topic the attention lacked in the past.

Second day started with a reflection about the previous day, and then it was followed by the discussion about the interviews conducted in advance by the young people giving answer to the questions: 1) How do you see the communism in Albania? 2) Which is your opinion about the nostalgia for communism today? The serious commitment of young people in this workshop makes us think that young people are not that passive towards these topics, therefore it is necessary to include them more in these kinds of projects that aim dealing with the past.

Young people in this activity learned more about their family members and their relationship with the Albanian dictatorship, also about the phenomenon of nostalgia. They admitted that the activity increased their interest to learn more about the period of the dictatorship in Albania and in particular with its consequences.

On the second day of the workshop the young people learned about the history and importance of the Site of Witness and Memory by Pjerin Mirdita, director of the museum. Activity was closed creating in groups the case studies that young people can develop in the future.

Site of Witness and Memory in Shkodra was partner of IDMC in this activity.


More information about the trainer:

Dr. Idrit Idrizi is a researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Austria (Post-Doc-Track program). He studied History and Human Rights and has a PhD in History from the University of Vienna. His research fields are Communism and Memory about Communism in Albania and Southeastern Europe.















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