Platform deeply concerned regarding statement of Albanian MP candidate on dictator Hoxha

13 March 2021

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience expresses deep concern regarding the statement by Luljeta Bozo, Member of Parliament candidate in the forthcoming election in Albania, who said that Communism was a "constitutional dictatorship" and that it "developed Albania", and that the Communist dictator Enver Hoxha had "more positives than negatives".

Albania in the 1990s – Research Topics: Jan Jansen' Newspaper Collection

19 November 2019

A group of students presented their research based on "Jan Jansen's Newspapers Collection" fund, focused on topics, such as: the impact of media, the collapse of the dictator's bust, political debate on communist past, the importance of newspaper's digitalization and free access.

Appeal for Nuremberg Trials for Communism

7 November 2019

The thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall presents us with a valuable opportunity. We can not only make a desperately-needed contribution to historical memory, but also develop and support an anti-totalitarian culture, broad-ranging and forward-looking. We take this opportunity to propose the creation of Nuremberg Trials for Communism.

PEMC Council of Members Visits Albania

3–6 November 2019

Delegacioni i "Platformës së Kujtesës dhe Ndërgjegjes Europiane" (PEMC) vizitoi Shqipërinë më datat 3–6 nëntor 2019, në kuadër të Mbledhjes së 9-të Vjetore të Këshillit të Anëtarëve, organizuar në bashkëpunim me IDMC. Ky takim i ofroi mundësinë 50 përfaqësuesve ndërkombëtarë, të vizitojnë vendet të ndryshme të kujtesës në Tiranë, Shkodër dhe Lezhë.

PEMC Council of Members Meeting

29 October 2019

Qëllimi kryesor i Platformës është të rrisë ndërgjegjësimin e publikut për historinë evropiane dhe krimet e kryera nga regjimet totalitare dhe për të inkurajuar një diskutim të gjerë europian për shkaqet dhe pasojat e sundimeve totalitar, si dhe për vlerat e përbashkëta europiane, me qëllim promovimin e dinjitetit njerëzor dhe të drejtat e njeriut.

"Memory Days 2020", Violence in Totalitarian Systems and Albanian Stalinism

27 September 2019

IDMC was represented with the "Children of the Dictatorship" documentary at the "Unruly, Undeterred, Cursed" XI Film Festival. NNW Filmfestival is the oldest film festival devoted to historical films only, mostly dealing with the war, anti-communist resistance movements and anti-communist insurgencies in the 1970's and 1980's.

New European Parliament Resolution: "On the Importance of a Common European Memory"

25 September 2019

The European Parliament suggests deepening the work in education and raising awareness of the younger generation, revising school curricula through an analysis of the causes and consequences of dictatorial regimes,  honoring victims and above all, transparency in crimes committed against humanity by Nazi, fascist, communist and other dictatorial regimes.

"Memory Days 2020", Violence in Totalitarian Systems and Albanian Stalinism

24 July 2019

The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture (IDMC) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) would like to inform you that the 5th edition of MEMORY DAYS will be organized on 13–20 February 2020.

Seminar "Remembrance, Understanding, Future"

16–22 June 2019

The seminar focused on the people as the key factor in the process of reconciliation. As such reconciliation needs a fundamental change in the way people in the Western Balkans think of each other.

Albania in the 1990s: Jansen's Newspaper Collection

27 May 2019

IDMC in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana and Faculty of History & Philology organized the delivery ceremony of the Albanian newspapers in 1990s, collected by Jan Jansen, Human Rights Activist.

Memory Days 2017, Opening Ceremony

16 November 2017

The majority of people in Albania feel that at least some aspects of life were better under the Communist regime. This conclusion was drawn from the results of an OSCE survey published in Albania last year (2016). On that account, IDMC in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) launched the 2nd edition of Memory Days.

IDMC and Konrad Adenauer Foundation launch project: Unë Dëshmoj

10 October 2017

IDMC with the support of Konrad Adeanuer Foundation (KAS) has launched its newest project, "UNË DËSHMOJ". In the frame of this project we have published interviews with contemporary witnesses of the dictatorship. These interviews started at the beginning of 2017 and by end of this year IDMC will publish 11 of them.

A Minute of Silence for the Women Executed, Killed, Imprisoned, Tortured and Persecuted during Communism

8 March 2017

The Platform wishes to draw attention to the fact that the Communist regime was excessively brutal to women. For political reasons, women were executed after staged trials or without trial, killed when trying to flee across the Iron Curtain, sent to prisons, concentration camps and forced labour camps where countless perished.

Conference & Workshop: Jews in Albania: Crossed Perspectives

27 January 2017

On January 27th, the Holocaust Memorial Day, was organized "Jews in Albania: Crossed Perspectives" activity. The first part was conceived as a scientific conference and the second day as a workshop with young people. This activity was organized by IDMC in the frame of the international project REMSHOA which is directed by the Italian university LUISS Guido Carli.

As stated in the main motivation of the Diploma of Gratitude, IDMC and Dr. Godole in particular have contributed to acknowledging the crimes committed against the Albanian people during the communist period and raised awareness of the younger generation about the hard times of their country.

Dr. Jonila Godole, Executive Director of IDMC, honored with Diploma of Gratitude

25 June 2016

According to the Institute for Eastern European History, the media play a key role in the processing of dictatorships and wars. They can make an important contribution in breaking the stereotypes and promoting a change in consciousness. They can also impede progress in different ways.

IDMC discussing: Media and the Process of Dealing with the Past in Eastern Europe

8 June 2016

The International Literature Festival, to be hosted in Tirana on October 29‒31, will introduce Albanian readers to writers from Austria, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, and Switzerland.

International Literature Festival – Literature in Transit

29 October 2015

Announced in early June, Born in the '90s – Explore the Past, Create the Future, a creative competition for young people, has successfully crowned its ten winners in the following categories: Essay and Literature, Multimedia, and Visual Arts.

Winners announced for creative competition "Born in the '90s – Explore the Past, Create the Future!"

22 October 2015

Born in the '90s – Explore the Past, Create the Future creative competition is being organized on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the democratic changes in Albania.

Creative competition announcement: "Born in the '90s – Explore the Past, Create the Future!"

9 June 2015

Mrs Neubert has more than 30 years of experience looking after the files of the former East Germany Stasi secret police and reflecting on the past, which she was able to share with the Albanian public and several high-rank politicians on the occasion of her working visit on 17‒18 March 2015.

Visit of Mrs Hildigund Neubert, Deputy Chairwoman of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)

17 March 2015

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