Annual Report 2018


IDMC in 2018 focused deeply on the mission of dealing with the communist past. Memory as a mission aims to raise the awareness of the Albanian society and in particular of young people, who did not experienced that time. IDMC has achieved this through various meetings with contemporary witnesses, study trips to sites of memory in Albania and abroad, workshops for young people and history teachers, as well as other awareness-raising activities and various publications.

The work presented in this annual report shows first and foremost the commitment of persons affiliated with IDMC. A special gratitude goes for the German Foundation Konrad Adenauer, our valued partner and supporter in this mission.

Annual Report 2017


IDMC and its collaborators continued to focus deeply in 2017 on the mission to deal with the communist past. IDMC has achieved this through various meetings with contemporary witnesses, study trips to sites of memory, workshops for young people and history teachers, as well as other awareness-raising activities. Creative multimedia activities such as "Ask Your Grandparents 2" and "Communist Terminologist", which asked young people to reflect on the past, have been crucial this year. The collection of testimonies from former persecuted and prisoners of the dictatorship for the "I Testify" project has shown the means of terror used by that regime. The training with young journalists on how to use the former Sigurimi files has contributed to increased transparency with the public opinion. The second edition of "Memory Days" has dealt with the past through 8 different activities. Cultural and artistic activities such as the "International Literature Festival" brought together writers and different European experiences, drawing the Albanian reader and public out of geographic and cultural isolation.

Annual Report 2016


2016 was a successful year for IDMC, whose work has deepened in the process of dealing with the communist past and the dictatorship and raising awareness of the society and the young people of its consequences until the present. The partnership with the Association of History Teachers supported many teachers to undertake different extracurricular projects on memory in their local environment. Participation in the multimedia competition "Ask your Grandparents 2016!" was high and increased significantly the reputation of the Institute. The weekly event "Memory Days 2016" offered a new opportunity for actors working in the field of memory to present their work.

We see dealing with the communist regime as a task which should not be limited within the borders of Albania. Therefore, IDMC collaborates with many international institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and it is part of two important European platforms of memory having the chance to present its activities to a wider international audience.

Annual Report 2015


In the first year of its establishment and activity, the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture (IDMC) counts a number of successes. Over 22 activities, around 1200 young participants and around 50 moderators and trainers that have had the opportunity to exchange experience and learn from each other. All these would have been impossible without the help of those that support the Institute. Special gratitude to the German Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation that supports our activities as the main and institutional partner of IDMC in the country.

The challenges of IDMC for 2016 and ongoing will be deepening and finding new ways to inspire Albanian youth people for their important role in the political decision making. Also to create a new spirit of debate about the dictatorial past and the present still problematic in Albania. Because as it said the motto of the creative contest that took place during 205, "to create a better future one should learn from the mistakes of the past".

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