IDMC and Konrad Adenauer Foundation launch project
"Unë Dëshmoj"

Tirana, 10 October 2017 — The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture (IDMC) with the support of Konrad Adeanuer Foundation (KAS) has launched its newest project, "UNË DËSHMOJ".

In the frame of this project we have published interviews with contemporary witnesses of the dictatorship. These interviews started at the beginning of 2017 and by end of this year IDMC will publish 11 of them. The first story comes from Shkodra. Mr. Gjeto Vocaj confesses his story from a meeting with Enver Hoxha until his imprisonment and internment.

Every Monday on website you will find new testimonies that shed light on persecution during the Albanian Communist regime in 1944–1990. The testimonies invite you to listen and explore individual stories that present a unique perspective about life in dictatorship.

These testimonies can be used by different interest groups: history teachers and teachers of other relevant courses, pupils, students, historians, journalists, researchers and other interested people. Our aim is to raise awareness on the importance of these testimonies in illuminating the dictatorship period.

For more information please consult or contact us at

In the following months we will add videos, methodologies and instructions to teachers on how to use these materials in the classroom.

IDMC encourages all Communism witnesses to share their personal or family stories so the younger generation does not forget.

Interviews with witnesses and the selected video edits were filmed by Valbona Bezati, an IDMC scholarship student, and the Institute's staff.

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