Youth & Politics: Left or Right


In countries with relatively young democratic systems, whose political landscape is characterized by vague political and ideological identities, the role of young people in policy-making is of special importance. The typical lack of political interest, along with the low level of confidence in political actors, democratic institutions, and the poor understanding of political processes are all factors contributing to a less substantive political engagement of the young generation. Being void of indoctrination and influences from the past is an advantage, but their major disadvantage is the inadequate knowledge and political or ideological formation.

The goal of Youth and Politics: Left or Right is to help improve the political processes in the country with modern democratic and political concepts. The project also aims to support the strengthening of democracy and good governance in the country by including young people in policy-making. This project will contribute to the political education of youth by increasing their awareness of ideological matters both in the philosophical and practical aspects of policy-making. It will give them a framework to judge and evaluate public policies and assist youth political organizations to empower their ideological and political identity and to develop policy-making capacities.

The project will be organized around a series of seminars in three Albanian cities, Tirana, Shkoder, and Durres. Each seminar will consist of two main parts:

  • The first part will provide training on some theoretical concepts and principles of left- and right-wing politics. The lectures will be delivered by field experts based on four main issues of concern to youth: a) Economy (employment), b) Governance, c) Education, d) Social (environmental) policies.
  • The second part will focus on small groups doing research work and practically assessing some theoretical concepts. This collaboration will work as per Robinson Crusoe's island society model: the youth will be asked to build a society according to leftist and rightist principles. Trainers will instruct and supervise members in their exercise. The results and findings of the working groups will be featured in a special session and followed by general discussions and panel questions.

Tirana, 12 March '15

Durres, 4 March '15

Shkoder, 28 February '15

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